You are travelling to Cologne and you would like to see some of the most interesting places in the area? The INTERLINE Cologne sightseeing service is just the answer. Our multilingual chauffeur guides take you to the popular tourist attractions. Just sit back and enjoy sightseeing in the lap of luxury!

Your guide will provide you with some interesting information along the way. The tours below are only an inspiration – of course we can organize personalized sightseeing tours to match your specific interests.

Sightseeing ruedesheim

Koblenz, Loreley, Ruedesheim

From Cologne we start our tour southwards, and our first stop is the Deutsche Eck (German Corner), a headland in Koblenz, where the Moselle joins the Rhine River. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2002. A giant equestrian statue commemorates Emperor William I. Our next stop is St. Goarshausen, where we visit the Loreley - a famous rock, which marks an extremely narrow part of the river. According to legend, a siren used to sit on the rock above the Rhine. Sailors were distracted by her beauty, crashed on the rocks and drowned. Finally we head for the winemaking town Ruedesheim, one of Germany’s biggest tourist attractions. It is famous for its beautiful Old Town and the huge Germania Monument.

Wine Country trip to Ahrweiler

From Cologne we drive to Ahrweiler, a walled town surrounded by vineyards. If you go for a stroll around the old town centre you will come across many carefully restored half-timbered houses. From October on Ahrweiler’s charming little wine taverns serve freshly made white wine (Federweißer) and fermenting new red wine (Roter Sauser). After visiting Ahrweiler we turn west, and after ten kilometers we reach Mayschoss, a town located in the midst of a beautiful landscape dominated by vineyards. Here you have got the opportunity to visit the historic wine vaults of the “Vintners’ Cooperative Mayschoß-Altenahr” and to enjoy a wine degustation.

Sightseeing ahrweiler
Sightseeing Augustusburg

Augustusburg Palace and Drachenfels

Our first excursion destination is Bruehl, where we visit Augustusburg Palace. It is one of the most important baroque castles of the Rhineland and has been listed as a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site since 1984. The u-shaped palace was built in the 18th century. Its famous staircase was designed by Johann Balthasar Neumann. The baroque gardens are also a must-see. They were created by Dominique Girard and modelled on 18th century French designs. Our second stop is the „Drachenfels“ in the “Siebengebirge” mountain range near Königswinter. The ruined castle on top of the hill was built in the 12. century. It was destroyed during the Thirty Years War. The rock and the ruins still are a tourist attraction. Other sights at Drachenfels are the “Dragon’s Cave” and the “Nibelungen Hall”. On our way back from the mountaintop we pass Schloss Drachenburg (Drachenburg castle), which is situated halfway down the hill. The castle was built in the 19th century.