Our exclusive limousines meet all tastes and requirements. Decide for yourself which limousine you'd like to be driven in. Our modern fleet features the latest models premium automobile manufacturers, like Mercedes Benz and BMW, can provide.

Luxury Class Plus Limousines

High performance and exclusive extras:

Our Luxury Class Plus Limousines are a class of its very own and leave nothing to be desired.

Luxury Class Limousines

The elegant luxury limousine – an extended version of a long-established classic.

Travel in the prestigious luxury class and enjoy a maximum of convenience.

Business Class Limousines

The high-quality limousine designed for comfort.

A class of vehicle for demanding guests, for whom slight understatement is the way to do business.


Our environmentally friendly E-Limousines.

In our E- Limousines you travel comfortably and climate neutral at the same time.