VIP 8 Sitzer
Today we are happy to present the latest additions to our extensive fleet of vehicles: The V-Class XL and the Mercedes Sprinter 8-seater.

Perhaps you already know our Mercedes V-Class, which features electronic doors, fond airconditioning and smoked glass. The new XL-version measures 5,370 metres, and its cabin and boot are accordingly spacious.

And there is still more: In addition to our 14- and 16-seater Sprinters we can also provide an 8-seater now. INTERLINE was constructing the exclusive vehicle since autumn 2016. Due to delivery problems of Mercedes Benz and weight problems to assure the 3,5 T limit this project was finished only a few weeks ago. Now INTERLINE Düsseldorf/ Cologne/ Bonn proudly presents the only available 8 seater, real VIP vehicle in NRW.

We did the utmost to guarantee maximum comfort and equipment as well as the same feeling as in a small V-Class (despite the interior space which is ways better ). “Many of our customers were seeking a more comfortable way to travel than in the standard V-Class, where we still have three available”, says Frank Bewerunge, General Manager of INTERLINE Düsseldorf. “The new car combines the low noise level of a V-Class with the comfort of a 16 seater VIP coach. It’s not limited to 100km/h and we do not need to take care of coach drive time regulations.”

For more information please give us a call: +49 211-210 205