Mambo Photo: @ Sarka/ AdobeStock 48349487

Dirty Dancing, the musical production based on Eleanor Bergstein’s well-known dance film, starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, returns to Musical Dome Cologne.

The romance between the attractive dance instructor Johnny  and the well brought-up Frances alias „Baby“ was a blockbuster in the 1980’s. Cuban rhythms and the legendary Mambo created a real hype back then.

Just like the movie, the musical takes the audience back to the Catskill Mountains Holiday Ressort Kellermann's of the 1960’s  The show is running in Musical Dome Cologne from November 27th to December 8th. For tickets please visit / For chauffeured services  to Musical Dome please call INTERLINE  Cologne, +49 221 – 29 23 22 86 or mailto .