Moyland photo: Frank Ebert/ AdobeStock 135077324

Today our chauffeur-guide excursion-tip takes you to a beautiful palace on the Lower Rhine and to Germany’s largest archaeological open air museum.

Neo-Gothic  palace

From Duesseldorf or Cologne we go north.  Our first destination is the district of Kleve. Here you can visit Moyland castle, one of the most important neo-Gothic buildings in the area

.Alexander Baron of Spaen expanded and rebuilt the former medieval fortification as a baroque castle in the 17th century. Johann Nikolaus of Steengracht remodeled the building in the Gothic Revival style in the 19th century. The castle with towers, battlements and corbels is made of brick. Palace and park were carefully restored in the 1990’s.

The building houses the art collection of the brothers van der Grinten today; a major focus is on works by Joseph Beuys

Archaeological open air museum

After visiting the Moyland Castle we drive to the city of Xanten. Its archaeological Park is the largest open air museums of its kind in Germany. It was built at the site of the Roman settlements Colonia Ulpia Traiana

Visitors can admire the partially reconstructed harbour temple, the amphitheatre, the north gate of the Roman city and the hot baths. There also is a hostel with a Roman restaurant, where you can stop for a snack before we return to the starting point

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