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The car rental company Sixt has closed down its limousine-service. The decision was made on grounds of the Corona-crisis. The company, however, does not plan to reopen after the shutdown. Competitor Interline Duesseldorf/ Cologne/ Bonn comments: “Our business is not comparable to the Sixt Executive GmbH's Limousine Service and Interline is well prepared for the challenges that lie ahead”.

„Fortunately Interline is in a completely different situation“, says Interline managing director Frank Bewerunge. „Sixt declared that the Sixt Executive GmbH's Limousine Service has already been under pressure for quite some time and that the future forecasts were not very positive. In contrast, Interline is an economically sound company. 2019 was a very successful year. Our business development allows for an optimistic future prognosis for the time after the shut down. All providers of chauffeured services are going through hard times right now, but be believe in the industry”, says Bewerunge.  “And as distinct from Sixt our business portfolio is  much more diversified. We do not only provide limousines with drivers but also  VIP- or executive motor coaches  and we are a highly esteemed logistics partner for large-scale international events”.

According to Bewerunge Interline‘s business is not comparable to the Sixt Executive GmbH's Limousine Service at all. „Sixt predominantly acted as a broker for other provider‘s rental cars with drivers. In contrast, Interline does not only have a long and successful history of ground transportation. Our business is also based on a staff of permanently employed specialists and our own fleet of a fully serviced state-of-the-art vehicles. This also means that we assume responsibility for our employees just now. Of course Interline is hit hard by the Corona crisis. The whole industry reports a sharp slump in sales. But we will make every effort to overcome the challenges and to safeguard jobs. Our professional and experienced staff is an essential success factor for our business.“